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University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

I had the pleasure of serving as the trombone teaching assistant at CCM during my doctoral studies. These duties increased, as I became an instructor in the spring of 2017. I really enjoyed watching our community grow as each member took responsibility for their own education. And I enjoyed working with our four trombone faculty, Timothy Anderson, Peter Norton, Cristian Ganicenco, and Joseph Rodriguez.

2016-2017 Accomplishments

The trombone studio was able to produce a wide variety of projects due to the individual efforts of studio members. This year Connor Howard, serving as the UC Trombone Club President helped lead the studio in several of these endeavors.

Guest Artist

  • Rebecca Cherian, Pittsburgh Symphony
  • Blue Ridge Trombone Quartet
  • James Justin Kent, Bruckner Orchestra, Austria
  • Shachar Israel, Cleveland Orchestra
  • Steven Menard, Louisiana State University

Founded through Graduate Student Association

  • Warren Deck, Rit. New York Philharmonic
  • Joe Parisi, University of Missouri Kansas-City


The CCM Trombone Choir, Performed at the American Trombone Workshop and earned 3rd Place in the International Trombone Associations Remington Choir Competition

The American Trombone Workshop

This program is intended to showcase creativity through performance. All aspects of the project including commissions, rehearsals, video and sound production were created at the request of CCM students. The project was in collaboration with the Electronic Media, Dance, and Jazz Divisions at the conservatory. 

  • Kenyan Wilson (b. 1970) Sounds of a Distant Earth (2013)
    • Conductor: Louis Setzer
  • Kim Pensyl (b. 1957) Big Sur (2016)*
  • Robert Linn (1925-1999) Trombosis (1979)
    • Conductor: Russ Zokaites
  • Franz Biebl (1906-2001) Ave Maria (1964)
    • Conductor: Nikki Hillis
  • Alex Heitlinger (b. 1980) Walter #1 (2016)*
    • Soloist: Andrew Nelson
  • Santiago M. Alarcon (b. 1992) Seven Trombones of the Apocalypse (2011)
    • Conductor: Russ Zokaites

*Denotes new music composed for the project

"Seven Trombones of the Apocalypse" by Santiago Miguel Alarcòn

"Big Sur" by Kim Pensyl

"Trombonosis" by Robert Linn

International Trombone Association Emory Remington Choir Competition

I prepared the CCM Trombone Choir during our studio class in the fall of 2015. We submitted the Grieg Funeral March and Ewazen's Fantasy and Double Fugue.

UC Trombone Club

August 2015 saw the formation of the UC Trombone Club. The club was formed to give students more resources to augment their education. The university allows students to use its infrastructure and funds to bring in guest lectures, attend conferences, and disseminate information. Alexander Kruzel served as the first President of the Club.

Guest Artist

  • Chad Arnow, Dayton Philharmonic
  • Brad Edwards, Arizona State University

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Please feel free to contact CCM or Timothy Anderson for more information about the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music's Trombone studio