Bootleg: Appalachian-Inspired Music for the Bass Trombone.

Zokaites' debut album

This six year commissioning project was premiered in February 2020 at Morehead State University

Mood Swings

Mood Swings depicts the mental and emotional journey brought on by the global pandemic. Months of whiplash between hope and despair - aided by misinformation, opposing media outlets, and sheer exhaustion - results in a manic breakdown of communication.


International Trombone Festival 2018

In 2018 Dr. Zokaites performed a recital at the International Trombone Festival at the University of Iowa. The recital featured new music, written for Dr. Zokaites, and collaborations with Dr. Brad Edwards, Dr. Brianna Matzke, and Prof. Timothy Anderson.

Fuchs Bass Trombone Concerto Consortium

Dr. Zokaites is the lead commissioner for the Fuchs Bass Trombone Concerto Consortium. The project began in March 2015 and is currently have it's premiere season.

Morehead State University

Dr. Zokaites actively participates in the Morehead State University Faculty Chamber Music series. The creative series showcases the faculty in unique settings. The 2018-2019 Season is focused on story telling. The October concert featured works with narration. April will feature The Wild Called Maxx.

College-Conservatory of Music

Russ served as the trombone teaching assistant and an instructor of trombone at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. Check out the work the trombone studio produced under his leadership

The Wild Called Maxx

The Wild Called Maxx is the story of a young woman who is struggling to find her place in the world. She abandons suburban America for an urban jungle packed with colorful monsters. Told through a mixture of theater and music, the Wild Called Maxx is a perfect allegory for the millennial generation. This is our story of finding a place in the world.

Transformative Perspectives

The combination of poetry and music is a natural evolution. Poetry has the musical aspects of rhythm, meter, style, and inflection.  See what happens when music and poetry agree in Transformative Perspectives.

Ghettoblaster Project

Recycled noise pollution performed through recycled boomboxes. This electro-acoustic show sought to change the way people heard the world around them. Seven composers sampled their neighborhoods, iconic sounds, and nature to assemble instantly relatable soundscapes.

Train of Thought

Train of Thought launched as part of ArtSeedz 2013. The group was featured live on Netherlands Radio 4’s Podium in promotion of the entire festival.  The ensemble of seven young musicians went on tour in 2014. The eclectic blend of acting, folk music, and the avant-garde reached audiences in traditional and rock venues.