Ghettoblaster Project


The Project

The Ghettoblaster Project incorporates sounds from the world around us in interactive works for trombone and electronics. Aided by an international team of composers, the GBP, examines sound and interaction from a number of perspectives. The trombones and sound tracks interact with each other, and the audience via a cell phone app. Sampled sounds include, speech, factory noise, and a 1964 Ford Mustang. The works transverse, rock, hip-hop, pop, classical, and the avant-garde. There is something for everyone.


"...performed brilliantly and brought a program of fresh and exciting new compositions...Their passion and enthusiasm for promoting these new works was a very refreshing and inspiring thing to witness.

"The Ghettoblaster Project was an inspiration to us all!"

~Dr. Andrew B. Lankford, James Madison University


Russ Zokaites' Ghettoblast project was featured during the ArtEZ finals week in 2014. Check out the video to the left!


  • University of Twente, (the Netherlands) October 2013
  • Arizona State University, April 2014
  • University of Twente, (the Netherlands) May 2014
  • Enschede, (the Netherlands) June 2014
  • James Madison University, October 2014
  • Mars Hill College, October 2014
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, October 2014
  • Brooklyn College, October 2014
  • Manhattan School of Music, October 2014
  • New York University, October 2014


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The Works

  • Sasu Shildt The I Built a Robot and It Moved Its Arms
  • Inez McComas American Muscle
  • Chiel Meijering Public Space Overrun
  • Will Timmons Tranquility Shattered!
  • George Fetner Into the Sea
  • Arend Gerds Caged Silence
  • John Chittum Failure of Semioticracy 

*All works were composed for the project

The Musicians

  • Johan Noothout (NL), David Whitwell (USA), Trombone
  • Iris Gruber (AU), Alto Saxophone
  • Jordi Lensink (NL), Trumpet
  • Esther van Zijl (NL), Soprano


  • Lätzsch Custom Brass
  • Monster Oil