MSU Faculty Showcase



Here at Morehead State University, we place an emphasis on collaboration. The faculty work together to produce music and well rounded students. We are incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated faculty and independent students.

What is Happening in 2018-2019?

Dr. Lori Beruth, Clarinet leads our collaborative series. We have decided to showcase music with stories. Our selected works include programmatic music and music with narration.

Dr. Zokaites showcased, Coffee Stained on his faculty recital, participated in Sadie's Birthday Surprise, performed Wail!, and American Muscle. These works were made possible only with the collaboration of other faculty and composers.

Hear the Recordings

Nicole Chamberlain's Wail: II. Noir 9/13/18 Morehead State

Dr. Ellen Mosely, Flute

Dr. Russ Zokaites, Trombone

Inez McComas' American Muscle

I. Gass

II. Downforce

Dr. Russ Zokaites, Trombone

Amanda Harberg's Sadie's Birthday Aventure.

Lori Baruth, Russ Zokaites, Mason Daugherty, Tanner Leonardo, William A. Murphy, Greg Detweiler, DuWayne Dale

10/16/2018 Morehead State University Musical Tales