ITF 2018

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Collaborative Voice: ITF 2018

Thursday July 12, 11:00am

  • Dr. Russ Zokaites, Bass Trombone
  • Prof. Timothy Anderson, Tenor Trombone
  • Dr. Brianna Matzke, Piano
  • Dr. Brad Edwards, Narrator

A Quick Trip with Lots of Baggage (2010) Inez McComas

Then I Built a Robot and It Moved Its Arms (2014) Sasu Schildt

Tranquility Shattered! (2014) Will Timmons

Latchn Duets (2018) Brad Edwards

  • Everlasting Arms
  • He's Gone Away
  • Sweet Betsey from Pike

Coffee Stained (2014) Carrie Magin

  • Coffee Date
  • Perspective
  • Along the Cobblestones
  • No Second Chance
  • Refill, Refuel, Refill

ITF 2018

Collaborative Voice: Performance of New Works for Bass Trombone showcases music perfect for any recital. Each work has been influenced by popular genres and has a unique sound. The collection weaves its way through dance music, serious topics, Appalachian melodies, and finishes with sarcastic observations of our coffee house culture. You will find something perfect for your next recital.

International Trombone Festival Features Performances by CCM Alumni

Several CCM Alumni performed at the 2018 ITF. Specifically, many of my collaborators and composers are CCM alumni. Please click on the link above to read more.

Recital by the Numbers

A Quick Trip with Lots of Baggage

Russ Zokaites

Composer: Inez McComas

Coffee Stained

Russ Zokaites, Brianna Matzke, Brad Edwards

Composer: Carrie Magin

Tranquility Shattered!

Russ Zokaites

Composer: Will Timmons