Transformative Perspectives

The Project

Transformative Perspectives: When Music and Poetry Agree, is an intimate and thought provoking performance. With Ruud Harte (guitar) Riëtte Olthof (piano) and Russ Zokaites (bass trombone) creating musical portraits of poetry. The combination of the art forms take on several manifestations throughout the concert and will create an interesting perception of each poet.

Coffee Stained

Many coffee cups have been emptied discussing the meaning of literary giants. And many more cups have been spent to foster the creative juices of our generation. Coffee Stained is the collaboration between American composer Carrie Magin and Canadian poet Shannon Rayne. Written at the request of bass trombonist Russ Zokaites, the sarcastic wit is a result of many hours spent in cafes.

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The Works

  • Maurice Ravel, Valses Nobles et Sentimentales VII
  • Samuel Barber, Solitary Hotel
  • David Otten, Strings in the Earth and Air*
  • Arend Gerds, Versleuteling*
  • Reginald Smith Brindle, Four Poems of Garcia Lorca
  • Carrie Magin, Coffee Stained*

*Denotes original works for the project

The Performances

  • ArtEZ Conservatory, Enschede, NL March 2014
  • ArtSeedz Festival, April 2014
    • Enschede
    • Arnhem
    • Zwolle

Coffee Stained Performances

  • Christiansburg, VA, December 2014
  • Cincinnati, OH, October, 2015

The Creators

  • Riëtte Olthof, piano
  • Ruud Harte, guitar - narration
  • Russ Zokaites, bass trombone
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